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   * **Van Horn** bans overnight parking or camping.((https://​​library/​tx/​van_horn/​codes/​code_of_ordinances?​nodeId=TIT12STSIPUPL_CH12.12OVPACARE))   * **Van Horn** bans overnight parking or camping.((https://​​library/​tx/​van_horn/​codes/​code_of_ordinances?​nodeId=TIT12STSIPUPL_CH12.12OVPACARE))
 +===== Virginia =====
 +  * Roanoke County forbids sleeping in vehicles, or "​sleeping in recreational vehicles outside of established campgrounds"​.((https://​​news/​article226200360.html))
 ===== Washington ===== ===== Washington =====
   * In **Anacortes** police say it is illegal to sleep in a vehicle within city limits.((http://​​law_and_order/​article_1c13ea5e-8776-11e7-b5a3-ef22d0941c6a.html))   * In **Anacortes** police say it is illegal to sleep in a vehicle within city limits.((http://​​law_and_order/​article_1c13ea5e-8776-11e7-b5a3-ef22d0941c6a.html))
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