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 ===== Delaware ===== ===== Delaware =====
   * In **Aston** it is illegal to sleep or live in a vehicle.((http://​​general-news/​20171130/​today-in-history-nov-30-2017))   * In **Aston** it is illegal to sleep or live in a vehicle.((http://​​general-news/​20171130/​today-in-history-nov-30-2017))
 +===== Florida =====
 +   * in **Boca Grande** on Gasparilla Island, "RV parking is now allowed only on the east side of E. Railroad Avenue between 5th and 7th Streets... [and] is not allowed anywhere else on the island."​((https://​​news/​parking-ordinance-amendment-adopted-by-lee-county-commissioners-at-regular-meeting-on-tuesday/​))
 ===== Hawaii ===== ===== Hawaii =====
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