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Some Walmarts allow folks to park in their parking lots overnight. Some do not. Boondocking in a Walmart parking lot is no one's first choice but it is important we camp appropriately so we may retain that choice. Wallydocking has been a blessing to many a tired driver or folks without a campsite reservation.

Best practices:

  • be respectful; it is their property
  • obey any signs that say overnight camping is forbidden
  • ask the manager if it is ok
  • if you need anything, please purchase it at this walmart. Holding your purchase while you talk to the manager in the previous step is a great first impression.
  • stay only a night or two
  • park away from trafficked areas; at the back/sides/garden center are usually good.
  • make no messes, and pick up any messes you see
  • maintain a low profile
    • keep your slides in
    • jacks up (or on pads if absolutely necessary); we don't want to damage the lot
    • no generators
    • no lawn chairs or other gear outside
    • for doG's sake do not drain anything in the lot
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