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 ====== Grandfathered Verizon unlimited 3G ====== ====== Grandfathered Verizon unlimited 3G ======
 +Years ago Verizon had an unlimited talk + text + 3g data plan for $15/​mo. ​ It's still grandfathered and the accounts can be flashed onto modern phone and hotspot hardware.  ​
 +If you don't care about the phone + text part you can add a $5 data refill every month and the 3G data will keep flowing. ​ When the full $15 accrues in the account the plan officially renews. ​ Until then, the prior two refills will result in Vz saying the plan was not renewed but data still works. The account can be closed after 90 days of non-renewal. This means if you have been paying only the $5/mo and forget to add the third refill in time you could lose the account and render your hardware useless.  ​
 +Those depending on this plan as a primary (or only) source for mobile data might consider paying the full $15 each month. ​ Even safer would be to set up $15 autopay on the Vz site, although sales tax may be charged.
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