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Self-jumpstarting means jumpstarting one's own vehicle without the use of another vehicle. The most common way to do this is by combining house and chassis batteries.


Solenoids/relays will automatically self-jumpstart assuming there is enough voltage in the starter battery to energize the solenoid. It is a mechanical connection and power will flow both ways.

voltage sensing relays

It is common for VSRs to have a button to combine the batteries for self-jumpstarting.


Solid state isolators are diode based and will not allow power to flow from the house battery to the starter battery. Therefore they cannot be used to self-jumpstart.

jump packs

Lithium "jump packs" have become more popular. Lithium-chemistry batteries can discharge quickly, so even relative small packs can jumpstart a car.

'Dwellers may want to pick a jump pack that has 12v or USB outlets so it can have other uses.

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