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 ===== load setpoints ===== ===== load setpoints =====
 +Only present on controllers with LOAD outputs.
 +  * **Low voltage disconnect (Vlvd)** - voltage at which the controller turns off loads to prevent excessive battery discharge. ​ Typically something like 12.1v (the voltage at 50% [[electrical:​depth_of_discharge|depth of discharge]]). ​ Heavier loads that cause voltage sag may require setting a lower Vlvd so the voltage pops back up to 12.1v((or whatever)) when the load is removed.
 +  * **Low voltage reconnect (Vlvr)** - the setpoint at which the load is turned back on after recovering from Vlvd cutoff. ​ Vlvr > Vlvd.  If Vlvr is set too close to Vlvd the loads may continually toggle on/off.
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