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MPPT integration

There are benefits from using higher voltage panels that can be realized when a system is designed for an MPPT controller. An MPPT controller can also be the centerpiece of a DIY converter.

input voltage

Input voltage is a balancing act between efficiency / heat reduction (requires lower input voltage), the ability to overcome self-consumption losses under all conditions (requires higher input voltage), wire size and length (higher input voltage), and shading mitigation (higher input voltage).

MPPT manufacturers always specify a maximum voltage coming into the controller; some also specify a minimum or optimium voltage.

  • Victron: Vpanel >= Vbatt + 5v to start MPPT, Vbatt + 1v thereafter.1)
  • Genasun (nominal 12 systems): 15-18v for constant power supplies2), ⇐ 27v for PV.3)
  • SNA (grid tied): Vpanel = desired output * 1.41424)
  • generic rule of thumb: Vpanel >= maxiumum Vbatt + 30%
  • generic rule of thumb: Vpanel ⇐ maximum Vbatt * 2.5)6).
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