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 ====== Running loads off the panel ===== ====== Running loads off the panel =====
-RVers and '​dwellers ​sometimes refer to running [[electrical:​12v:​loads|loads]] //off the panel//, since these loads do not affect the battery bank's [[electrical:​depth_of_discharge|state of charge]].+RVers and '​dwellers ​speak of running [[electrical:​12v:​loads|loads]] //off the panel//;  they mean the loads do not affect the battery bank's [[electrical:​depth_of_discharge|state of charge]] ​because [[electrical:​solar:​nonessential|excess power]] is available. 
 +Mobile solar power installs are [[electrical:​solar:​status|not putting out full power all of the time]], even in direct sunlight. ​ This can happen when the batteries are charged and there are no loads on the system. ​  When power is needed the controller jumps into action and lets the panels make power again; ​ it's almost instantaneous.  
 +This means **there can be a large gap** between: 
 +  * the power the system //could// make under full load in present conditions; and 
 +  * the power the system is actually making. 
 +If you run your discretionary loads (charging devices, running heavy loads) [[electrical:​solar:​nonessential|when the system would otherwise be twiddling its thumbs]] you are effectively running the load off the panels. ​ Battery state of charge is not affected at all. 
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