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 ====== Carbon monoxide ====== ====== Carbon monoxide ======
 +Carbon monoxide (CO, not CO<​sub>​2</​sub>​) is a colorless, tasteless gas caused by incomplete combustion. ​ It can displace oxygen in the bloodstream leading to illness or death. ​ The incomplete combustion is typically caused by low oxygen levels, which in turn is caused by **insufficient ventilation**. 
 +Some devices, notably the Mr. Heater Buddy, have low-oxygen shutoff mechanisms to minimize CO exposure. ​ O<​sub>​2</​sub>​ interlocks can cause issues with operation at higher elevations (8000'​+). 
 +To avoid CO poisoning:​ 
 +  * ensure sufficient ventilation 
 +  * watch for poorly-burning flame (orange instead of blue) 
 +  * do not run fuel-consuming appliances while asleep. ​ Heat the space before crawling into your [[rv:​build:​bed|sleeping bag]].
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