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 +====== shadecloth ======
 +[[https://​​2CuQaU8|{{ https://​​images/​I/​81D1MWWYeaL._AC_UL320_.jpg}}]][[https://​​2CuQaU8|Shadecloth]] is a woven material that blocks most (not all) sunlight. It is rated by the amount of light blocked, so 90% shadecloth blocks 90% of the light (durrrr....). It can help keep direct sun off folks who need to park in full sun to make power.
 +  * can be lighter than [[https://​​3hgiLvd|a tarp]]
 +  * less affected by wind because some can pass through
 +  * allows more breeze for the same reason
 +  * quieter than a tarp
 +  * more expensive than a normal tarp
 +  * somewhat more bulky due to woven material
 +{{http://​​2020/​IMG_20200713_110137.jpg?​175 }}This pic shows what it looks like under shadecloth when in use.  You can see the full sunlight (overexposed area), full shade (under the van) and the 90% blocked sun under the shadecloth.
 +If you look carefully you can also see full shade in the photographer'​s shadow, and on the edges of the shadecloth where the material is solid. ​ Bonus: ​ there is a dog in the shadows under the van. 
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