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-====== "Analysis ​Paralysis"​ ======+====== "​Paralysis ​by Analysis" ======
-It is easy to get overwhelmed by details and perfectionism.+Planning can pay off, but it is easy for many of us to get overwhelmed by details and perfectionism.
-What kind of camper? +What kind of camper? ​\\ 
-2wd or 4wd? +2wd or 4wd? \\ 
-How much solar and battery? +How much solar and battery? ​\\ 
-Which cargo van?+Which cargo van? 
 +Here are some ideas to help break the cycle of endless research.
 +===== start with what you have =====
 +Have a minivan? ​ A pickup? An Suv? A car?  Start with that.  Do the camping/​living you like in that vehicle you already own.  This will get you practical experience with the vehicle (and your own preferences) as soon as possible.
-FIXME+===== minimalist builds =====
 +It doesn'​t take much: 
 +  * Take out the back seats and put a cot back there. ​ Or pad and sleeping bag. 
 +  * flashlight
 +  * 99c jugs of drinking water from the grocery store
 +  * some food that doesn'​t require refrigeration
 +  * a spade and some toilet paper for a cathole toilet
 +  * maybe a book
 +===== camp nearby =====
 +Your early test runs will be easiest to do near your home base.  Maybe in your driveway. ​ That way if there is a problem or forgotten item (toilet paper!) you can run back in and get it. 
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