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 Yes.  Yes it is. Yes.  Yes it is.
 +===== annoyances and challenges =====
 +  * set-up and take-down of [rv] camp, especially leveling the camper((http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​tid=26975&​pid=338637#​pid338637))
 +  * being able to turn around [a 30' travel trailer] has been rough in a few spots((http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​tid=26975&​pid=338649#​pid338649))
 +  * fuel costs((http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​tid=26975&​pid=338649#​pid338649))
 +  * Routine activities just take longer -- cooking, bathroom/​hygiene,​ dressing((http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​tid=26975&​pid=339013#​pid339013))
 +  * here's a lot of "​finding"​ -- a place to do laundry, to shower, shop, get cash, to park/sleep, to disperse camp on public land, the good weather, and the best backroads route to get there((http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​tid=26975&​pid=339013#​pid339013))
 +  * downsizing (getting rid of stuff)((http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​tid=26975&​pid=339013#​pid339013))
 +  * The bloody stuff problem. Every time I need something, it's buried. Then I dig to find it.((http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​tid=26975&​pid=342321#​pid342321))
 +  * Search for place to sleep at night can be depressing((http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​tid=26975&​pid=345484#​pid345484))
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