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Receiving packages

You can receive packages through your mail forwarding service, although this results in paying two shipping fees.

Amazon will ship to an Amazon locker.1)

Walmart will ship (transfer, actually) to any WM near you, no shipping charge. It will be bundled up in the old Layaway area in the back.2)

If the local Post Office agrees (ask the postmaster first), you may be able to send your package there as General Delivery. USPS offers GD as a service to transients.3).

Once received, the package will not be held longer than 30 days4), and 14 days is a common limit.

The mailing address will be something like:

Joe Walkabout
General Delivery
Sometown, ID 12345-9999

with the -9999 suffix indicating General Delivery.5) Be sure to ask if the postmaster has any special address or other instructions.

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