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 [[http://​​2kGs1zp|Amazon]] will ship to [[http://​​2jDXmB0|an Amazon locker]].((http://​​forums/​Thread-shipping-address?​pid=259146#​pid259146)) [[http://​​2kGs1zp|Amazon]] will ship to [[http://​​2jDXmB0|an Amazon locker]].((http://​​forums/​Thread-shipping-address?​pid=259146#​pid259146))
 +It may be easier to use google searches to find Amazon lockers. ​ See sticky-bit'​s post [[https://​​r/​vandwellers/​comments/​b8zrc9/​google_maps_is_a_better_interface_for_the_nomad/​reddit|google maps is a better interface for the nomad]] reddit post.
 ===== ship to store ===== ===== ship to store =====
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