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   * we can leave troubled areas   * we can leave troubled areas
 +  * we can outrun bad weather
   * we carry our own food and water   * we carry our own food and water
   * we make our own power   * we make our own power
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   * [[food:​cooking|cooking]] from scratch   * [[food:​cooking|cooking]] from scratch
   * using [[lifestyle:​faq_toilet|catholes]] or other emergency toilets   * using [[lifestyle:​faq_toilet|catholes]] or other emergency toilets
 +  * using shelf-stable foods or [[food:​sprouting|sprouting]] fresh food
 ===== resources ===== ===== resources =====
   * [[https://​"​]] - US Govt official emergency preparedness site   * [[https://​"​]] - US Govt official emergency preparedness site
   * [[https://​​emergency-preparedness-and-response/​stake-ward-emergency-planning-guide?​lang=eng|LDS preparedness]],​ [[http://​​wp-content/​uploads/​2010/​04/​LDS_Preparedness_Manual_Complete.pdf|manual]] (pdf)   * [[https://​​emergency-preparedness-and-response/​stake-ward-emergency-planning-guide?​lang=eng|LDS preparedness]],​ [[http://​​wp-content/​uploads/​2010/​04/​LDS_Preparedness_Manual_Complete.pdf|manual]] (pdf)
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