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-==== tow strap ====+==== snatch strap ==== 
 +A snatch strap is a nylon strap that has some stretch in it.  Not only does this greatly reduce the violence of pulling someone out, but it also allows the rescue vehicle to get keep forward momentum when the strap pulls tight.  It is a rubber band or bungie cord effect, only much stronger.  
 +Before you get stuck: 
 +  * choose straps that have loops on the end, **not hooks** 
 +  * buy clevises that fit your recovery points and the strap loop. Test fitment ahead of time. 
 +When you are stuck: 
 +  * attach to tow/recovery points on the vehicles when possible, **not on trailer hitch balls** 
 +[[|This Australian video]] shows excellent safety procedures. 
 +  * the stuck vehicle should "help" by giving their vehicle some gas as the strap starts to pull tight.  Sometimes it takes very little pull to get out a stuck vehicle that is "trying"
 +  * the towing vehicle should get some momentum going, but it does not require wide open throttle or other violent approaches. 
 ==== come-along ==== ==== come-along ====
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