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-====== Class B motorhomes ====== 
-Class B RVs are built //in// a van platform.  In the past they were built on passenger van chassis (right) but [[rv:eurovan|Eurovan]] chassis have become more common as their market share increases. 
-Class B motorhomes present several design challenges that make the cost surprisingly high.  First, the RV amenities are built //within// the existing chassis and skin, which limits access for workers and fitment.((Other motorhomes are often built from the "ground up" with the walls and roof put on when needed))  Second, the available space is much smaller than on [[rv:class a|class A]] or [[rv:class_c|class C]]. 
-The payoff is a more durable, leakproof motorhome with higher build quality. 
-  * **PRO** 
-    * highly maneuverable, can be parked in normal parking spaces 
-    * best MPG of motorhomes 
-    * highest quality build 
-    * best leak resistance due to steel body 
-  * **CON** 
-    * expensive  
-    * most expensive per square foot of living space 
-    * can be tight for 2+ people\ 
-    * limited standing space;  often around 6' 
-====== class B+ ====== 
-These motorhomes blur the lines between large class B and small class C.  They often have somewhat widened fiberglass body panels but lack the cabover sleeper that defines a class C. 
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