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 ==== vehicles salvaged from floods ==== ==== vehicles salvaged from floods ====
 +The free Carfax Flood VIN check will identify flooded vehicles.
 +Pay attention to mold/mildew smells. ​ Lift trunk carpet and look for mud.  ​
 ==== vehicles from salt belt states ==== ==== vehicles from salt belt states ====
 [[https://​​wiki/​Salt_Belt|{{ https://​​wikipedia/​commons/​thumb/​0/​0f/​Salt-Belt.svg/​300px-Salt-Belt.svg.png|the "Salt Belt"​}}]] ​ [[https://​​wiki/​Salt_Belt|{{ https://​​wikipedia/​commons/​thumb/​0/​0f/​Salt-Belt.svg/​300px-Salt-Belt.svg.png|the "Salt Belt"​}}]] ​
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