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 +====== Passenger van ======
 +A **passenger van** (or window van) is a van fitted with rows of bench seats.
 +They can be found on the used market retired from churches, city transit systems, school districts, etc.
 +===== Pro and Con =====
 +  * PRO
 +    * maintenance records more likely to be available than with [[rv:​cargo_van|cargo vans]].
 +    * bench seat floor fittings can be used for tiedowns
 +    * often found in extended lengths
 +  * CON
 +    * finished (if minimal) interior would probably have to be removed for the van build
 +    * many large windows to be covered for [[camping:​privacy|privacy]],​ or [[rv:​insulation|insulation]]
 +    * less stealthy than a white cargo van
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