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 +====== Passthrough ======
 +//​Passthrough//​ is the ability to move from the RVs living area to the driving area (cockpit). ​ It can also refer to the actual area one passes through, as in a bulkhead.
 +Passthrough is **easiest** on motorhomes, [[rv:step van|step vans]], and [[rv:high roof|high roof vans]] where one can walk from one to the other. ​ It is impossible on trailers where the tow vehicle (TV) is separate from the travel trailer (TT).  ​
 +On some campers the lack of formal passthrough can be **worked around**. ​ For example, in a [[rv:box truck|box truck]] the rear cab wall can often have a portal cut in it.  In cars and SUVs one might be able to wiggle to the front  (especially if the passenger seat is removed). ​ In low roof vans one can usually stoop to get into the cockpit.
 +Passthrough can be a factor in both convenience and [[camping:​safety|safety]].
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