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 ==== vehicle maintenance ==== ==== vehicle maintenance ====
-filters:  air, fuel + 
-belts:  serpentine or all belts as needed +The owner should: 
-fluids:  trans fluid, brake fluid, motor oil +  - read the owner's manual to understand the maintenance schedule and what the dash lights mean 
-hoses:  radiator upper and lower hoses +  - have the ability to change a tire (or pay for a service) 
-electric:  bulbs, fuses+  - have the ability to check/add oil, wiper, coolant, and tire air levels (including the spare) 
 +The owner may want to pack: 
 +  * filters:  air, fuel 
 +  belts:  serpentine or all belts as needed 
 +  fluids:  trans fluid, brake fluid, motor oil 
 +  hoses:  radiator upper and lower hoses 
 +  electric:  bulbs, fuses
 ==== tools for fasteners ==== ==== tools for fasteners ====
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