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Camping etiquette

Not everyone has camped before, and that's ok. Here are some guidelines to keep from annoying others


  • walk around (not through) campsites
  • wandering into a campsite and surprising the camper is an excellent way to get shot. If you can see them call out in a friendly manner, make a friendly gesture, etc.
  • set up camp in a campsite, not in the middle of a path or roadway
  • do not attempt to block access to public campsites, paths, or roads
  • leaving a tent to save a place while you run to town is ok; leaving a tent so you'll have the space next weekend is not ok


  • turn off exterior RV porch lights and similar light sources if you aren't actively using them
  • depending on the moon, you may not actually need a flashlight to get around in the dark
  • if you do use a flashlight keep it on the ground and out of peoples' faces
  • turn off your vehicle lights asap
  • there is little to gain from using a flashlight as you sit around a campfire


  • generator noise is widely despised – restrict their use to daytime hours
  • wear headphones instead of blasting music


  • follow local regulations about making firewood gathering and fire creation
  • if you burn wood with staples or nails in them, make sure these items stay in the fire ring.
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