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Long Term Visitors Areas

LTVAs are:

are specially designated areas located on BLM lands in California and Arizona. These LTVAs provide places for visitors to stay for longer periods of time between September and April. A seasonal special recreation permit is required, and the permit allows visitors to stay in any of the six LTVAs in California or two LTVAs in Arizona1)

These areas are open for discounted use from September 15th through April 15th each year and do not have stay limitations. They generally provide dump stations, water, trash and toilets.

As of Jan 2017 the fees were:

The cost is $180.00 and is valid for up to 7 months. A Short Term Permit can be purchased for a 14-day stay. This permit is $40.00.

The 7-month pass works out to $0.86/day and the 14-day pass to $2.87/day, assuming one stays the whole duration.


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