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Safe camping


general safety

A charged cellphone with coverage in the area may be the most important piece of safety equipment.


campsite awareness

  • avoid camping in or beyond desert washes. The water can rise suddenly in your camp, or block egress from the camp.1)
  • carry extra food and water in case water or mud makes it impossible to get back to town. It will dry out in a day or two.2)
  • park facing outwards so that you can put it in to drive instead of having to back out of a parking spot3)
  • scout out another way out of the campsite in case the primary exit is blocked4)
  • leave the drivers' seat clear of stuff so that you can get in it without delay5)
  • put your keys where you can find them easily and always in the same place. Example: in the left drink holder of the console6)



dangerous weather

solo females

Additional tips that may be helpful for solo female travelers:

  • choose parking areas that are NOT in large metropolitan areas but rather in smaller urban communities…lower crime rates and more upscale neighborhoods.
  • sleep in something you can drive in suddenly if needed, without the need for additional coverup
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