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LED lighting

RVs and campers, particularly older ones, are generally provisioned with incandescent bulbs. Replacing these with LED lighting can reduce power consumption for those fixtures by about 90%. Because of this they dtend to run cooler.


LEDs tend to have cooler/bluer color than incandescents, which are yellowish in comparison. First learn what color you prefer (expressed in degrees Kelvin) then select LEDs in that range. Some sample color temperatures:

  • 2000K - candlelight1), sunrise/sunset2)
  • 2700K - 60w incandescent, seen right
  • 3100k to 4500 - natural white to bright white3)
  • 5000K - daylight (scientific standard illuminant)
  • 5500K - bluish white, seen right
  • 6000K - blue white like HID headlamps4)

In order from best to worst:

  • LEDs in fixtures designed for them
  • Panel-style LEDs in incandescent fixtures
  • LEDs that copy the form factor of the incandescent bulb they replace


LED lighting can be sensitive to the higher voltages associated with lead-acid battery Absorption and Equalization stages. Campers may want to run LED lighting power through a power regulator.

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