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Previous Tracer models

RN series

images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com_images_i_31b4gmtc0ml._ac_us218_.jpg The first affordable MPPT controller was the Tracer RN series: 1215RN was 10A, 2215RN was 20A, etc. It hit the market around 2014. Max input voltage on this series is 150V and would work with 12v/24v banks.

Configuration is limited to battery type, battery Ah, and LOAD timer1) and requires MT-5 display or RS-232 adapter.(( youtube video of configuration

Comms use the MT-5 protocol (pdf). Open source software is available.

eTracer N series

www.epsolarpv.com_en_uploads_news_201311_1383794151948737.jpg Around the time of the RN EpSolar released the eTracer which had no LOAD control but did have some configurable setpoints and an internal webserver.

Teardown pic


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