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Saving money on food

basic approaches

  • cooking instead of eating out. Having access to boiling water is a big step up. See If you have power (jackery?) you can cook in a $5 thrift store crockpot
  • paying attention to loss-leader sales and deals in store apps ($5 off $25 or whatever)
  • being aware of unit pricing. For example, buy pasta at $1/lb or less or whatever your cutoff is.
  • have substitutes in mind: if this thing is unusually pricey swap it for something else: fresh milk, evaporated, powdered, etc
  • watching for “manager's specials” discounts on items about to go out of date
  • clearance racks
  • etc

frugal meal planning

grocery tax

Some states tax groceries; you may want to stock up before entering them:

States that tax groceries (rate if not fully taxed): Alabama, Arkansas (3%), Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois (1%), Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri (1.225%), Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee (5.5%), Utah (1.75%), Virginia (1.5% + 1% local option tax), and West Virginia (5%)1)
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