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Legal domicile

A domicile is where

  • your drivers and concealed carry licences are issued
  • you can be registered to vote
  • your vehicles are titled
  • you pay state income tax, if any

Note: the county of your residence/address can affect vehicle inspections, what you pay for registration, auto and health insurance, etc.


State Income Tax1) Sales Tax2) Veh. inspections3) handgun carry4),5) ResidencyVeh. insurance rate
Alaska None None None Unrestricted. Shall issue.
Arizona 4.54% max6) 5.60% None. Some emission testing. Unrestricted. Shall issue.
Florida None 6.00% None Shall issue.
Montana 6.90% max None None Shall issue.
Nevada None 6.85% None. Some emission testing. Shall issue.
New Hampshire None. Int&Dividends 5.00% no Annual Shall issue.
New Mexico 4.90% max 5.13% None. Some emission testing. Shall issue.
South Dakota None 4.00% None Shall issue regular and “enhanced” permits. Some reciprocity limitations.7) 1 night required.
Tennesee None. Int&Dividends 6.00% 7.00% None. Some emission testing. Shall issue.
Texas None 6.25% Annual8) Shall issue.
Washington None 6.50% None. Some emission testing. Shall issue.
Wyoming None 4.00% None Unrestricted. Shall issue.
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