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Instagram vs. Reality

Will vandwelling be just like Instagram?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Nooooooooooooooooo.

Instagram is full of skilled photographers and photogenic people monetizing their social media. Most of us are none of these things.

There are many challenges in van life that are not pretty enough for Instagram: living in a small space, getting rid of excess stuff, fuel costs, rain, breakdowns, finding camping spots, dumping gray/black tanks, etc.

The rewards of vanlife don't photograph well: solitude, frugality, mobility, freedom.

Is vandwelling still better than Normal Life?

Yes, or at least it can be for folks who are wired that way. Some folks aren't.

What's a normal day like?

annoyances and challenges

  • set-up and take-down of [rv] camp, especially leveling the camper1)
  • being able to turn around [a 30' travel trailer] has been rough in a few spots2)
  • fuel costs3)
  • Routine activities just take longer – cooking, bathroom/hygiene, dressing4)
  • there's a lot of “finding” – potable water, a place to do laundry, to shower, shop, get cash, to park/sleep, to disperse camp on public land, the good weather, and the best backroads route to get there5)
  • downsizing (getting rid of stuff)6)
  • The bloody stuff problem. Every time I need something, it's buried. Then I dig to find it.7)
  • Search for place to sleep at night can be depressing8)
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