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How others see vandwelling

We 'dwellers know this can be a rewarding and frugal lifestyle, but not everyone will share our enthusiasm. Be prepared for judgement, ignorant comments, and “down by the river” jokes.

reactions of friends and family

If your friends and family are hippies, experienced travelers, or adventurous types they may be supportive. Other folks either won't understand or may even be hostile. It is common for family to try to dissuade potential vandwellers from the lifestyle for one or more reasons:

  • they are worried it's dangerous
  • they are worried it's a waste of your life
  • when their friends ask “What is Johnny doing with his life” they don't want to answer “he's living in a van”.
  • they are used to controlling others (especially offspring) with guilting and/or shaming.
  • they are crabs in a pot, pulling at any individual who tries to climb out

reactions of citizens and police

Homeowners may be hostile to your presence for reasons given in this article.

Those homeowners complain to the police and elected officials, resulting in enforcement actions. Practice stealth and obey local laws if you want to stay under the radar.

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