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The wiki aims to collect and organize information useful to vandwllers and cheap RVers.

Different points of view and alternative opinions are encouraged. There are many ways to do things!


Learn how to use dokuwiki markup. It is simple and some of it is found in the article editor.

When stating matters of fact, make a footnote pointing back to the source[s]. This will encourage readers to be skeptical and do further reading.

When offering alternative interpretations of fact/technique/approach, integrate the alternative into the article.

“Other approaches include this1), that2) or the other3).”

When stating matters of opinion, judgement, or personal practice, make it clear that it is a personal opinion. One might do something like:

Insert Tab A into Slot B. [note from Campus Maximus: I usually do X before Y. This will make it easier to Z later on.]


… and then spray gasoline all over everything while running around with lit fireworks. [I think this is foolhardy – Campus Maximus]

You could also quote yourself:

I prefer Arizona to New Mexico because the mosquitos are less rabid. – Campus Maximus

Note: if you find yourself using exclamation points, making value judgements like “good/bad”, or using the term “100%” you have likely ventured into subjectivity and need to present it explicitly as an opinion.

When making a partial or incomplete edit use the word “fixme” in uppercase. When you do that it shows up as FIXME in the article and is searchable. Other editors can help flesh it out, or you can return to it later.

Please do not remove or modify existing affiliate links. They pay for the hosting of the wiki. You may add your own affiliate links to reputable retailers when you add relevant content. Be certain your link does not affect your good faith discussion of the product. Do not link to MLM or other network marketing sites. If putting affiliate on pages that attempt to summarize the content of a particular author, as with the synopsis of Bob's Charging Puzzle, point out that the links are not in the original article.

Please don't edit with the sole intent of afflink farming. Inclusion of the links is intended to reward editors for their work adding or improving content.

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Send a PM to /u/secessus on reddit. This method will keep the scammers and spammers away while providing a look at your helpful and informative posting history. :-)

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