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Conversion van

A conversion van is generally a passenger van that has been upfitted with comfort or touring features. It may have carpeting, captains chairs, curtained windows, audio/visual centers, etc. Minimally raised roofs (“turtle tops”) are commonly added to make room for overhead HVAC and the media equipment.

Since the van was upfitted for touring comfort rather than livability the added features may get in the way of van living.

Pro and Con

  • PRO
    • widely available; search for “conversion van”
    • generally severely depreciated as features and interiors are quickly dated
    • can be immediately usable if interior suits the owner
    • turtle top can provide some headroom if equipment and fixtures are removed
  • CON
    • turtle top is quite low, having been put there for equipment rather than for standing room
    • insulation is usually minimal
    • if the owner wants a clean slate the interior will have to be gutted
    • the “bed” in the back is generally unusable for van living
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