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New 'dwellers can be shocked at the amount of trash they generate.

preventing trash

The biggest win is to prevent bringing potential trash into your camper in the first place. This might involve:

  • purchasing products that are not excessively packaged
  • removing products from packaging after purchase and throwing it away in the store's own trash receptacles
  • using one's own shopping bag

storing trash

  • store trash in trash - wad up trash and stuff it into pickle jars, tin cans, or other trash items. Tin cans might nest inside each other, Russian-doll style.
  • if possible, store the trash outside the vehicle and off the ground.

disposing of trash

The trick here is to be ruthless in disposing of trash; always deposit trash when you see an appropriate bin. It's like your dad's advice to always take the opportunity to pee before a road trip. :-)

In order to not to ruin it for everyone, be as neat and discreet as possible. For bonus points pick up litter near the trash bin and deposit it also.

  • making the trash as compact as possible makes it easier to deposit into hinged bins
  • paper materials might be thrown into the campfire where appropriate. Note: rocket camping stoves can burn paper and cardboard scrap internally with reduced smoke
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