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New Mexico annual camping pass

Caveats are well-expressed by trailertraveler:1)

We have stayed in many of the New Mexico State Parks. A couple of things to add to the information in the video. The New Mexico State Park regulations state “Campers may reside in a park for a maximum of 14 calendar days during any 20-calendar day period unless the director extends, decreases or waives this limit. Campers shall completely remove camping equipment and gear from the park for six calendar days during the 20-calendar day period.” So you can not just leave for a day and return to the same park, You can move from park to park every 14 days.

Primitive sites ($8) at many of the parks, do not have a picnic table or prepared parking area. The sites with covered picnic tables referred to as primitive sites in the video were I think considered developed sites ($10). Some parks do take reservations for both developed sites with no utilities and developed sites with utilities. There are some parks with no sites with electric (Eagle Nest and Cimarron Canyon come to mind) and there are several parks with no water/electric/sewer sites other than the camp host sites. Some parks do not take reservations year round, Some parks shutdown loops in their off season. Vacant reservation sites can normally be occupied for at least one night as one can not make same day reservations.

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