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MPPT integration

There are benefits from using higher voltage panels that can be realized when a system is designed for an MPPT controller. An MPPT controller can also be the centerpiece of a DIY converter.

MPPT manufacturers always specify a maximum voltage coming into the panels; some also specify a minimum or optimium voltage.

  • Victron: Vpanel >= Vbatt + 5v to start MPPT, Vbatt + 1v thereafter.1)
  • Genasun (nominal 12 systems): 15-18v for constant power supplies2), ⇐ 27v for PV.3)
  • generic rule of thumb: Vpanel >= maxiumum Vbatt + 30% FIXME
  • generic rule of thumb: Vpanel = maximum Vbat *

MPPT controllers are most efficient when input voltage (Vpanel) is about 2x nominal battery voltage (Vbatt). When Vpanel rises above 2x Vbatt more heat is generated when downconverting.4) At less than 2x the controller may not have enough “headroom” to work efficiently.

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