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Previous Tracer models

RN series

images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com_images_i_31b4gmtc0ml._ac_us218_.jpg The first affordable MPPT controller was the Tracer RN series: 1215RN was 10A, 2215RN was 20A, etc. It hit the market around 2014. Max input voltage on this series is 150V and would work with 12v/24v banks.

Configuration is limited to battery type, battery Ah, and LOAD timer1) and requires MT-5 display or RS-232 adapter.(( youtube video of configuration

Comms use the MT-5 protocol (pdf). Open source software is available.


eTracer N series

www.epsolarpv.com_en_uploads_news_201311_1383794151948737.jpg Around the time of the RN EpSolar released the eTracer which had no LOAD control but did have some configurable setpoints and an internal webserver.

Teardown pic

manual courtesy of the Internet Archive

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