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Heating and cooling with solar power

It is common for beginners to fantasize about running these impractical loads off solar power:

  • instant pot / ninja foodie / air fryers - use pressure cookers instead
  • george foreman grills
  • toaster ovens (or just toasters)1)
  • electric coffee makers - use propane to make coffee instead
  • electric hair dryers
  • electric water kettles or water heaters. Use fuel-burning stoves instead.
  • basically anything that runs on a big inverter

The number of beginners who imagine themselves running these greatly exceeds the number of people who can afford to buy the gear, have sufficient roof space for the panels, and the knowledge to get it set up correctly and keep it running. Think about the large gap between wanting a Ferrari and doing what it takes to buy one and keep it healthy. It can be done but most folks have neither the funds or the will to make it happen.

But fear not: most people run much smaller and more affordable solar configurations that meet their needs very well. Used Toyota Corollas work great and won't bankrupt you. :-)

microwaves can be easier on the system because of their short running times
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