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"Paralysis by Analysis"

Planning can pay off, but it is easy for many of us to get overwhelmed by details and perfectionism.

What kind of camper?
2wd or 4wd?
How much solar and battery?
Which cargo van?

Here are some ideas to help break the cycle of endless research.

start with what you have

Have a minivan? A pickup? An Suv? A car? Start with that. Do the camping/living you like in that vehicle you already own. This will get you practical experience with the vehicle (and your own preferences) as soon as possible.

minimalist builds

It doesn't take much:

  • Take out the back seats and put a cot back there. Or pad and sleeping bag.
  • flashlight
  • 99c jugs of drinking water from the grocery store
  • some food that doesn't require refrigeration
  • a spade and some toilet paper for a cathole toilet
  • maybe a book

camp nearby

Your early test runs will be easiest to do near your home base. Maybe in your driveway. That way if there is a problem or forgotten item (toilet paper!) you can run back in and get it.

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