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Receiving packages

You can receive packages through your mail forwarding service, although this results in paying two shipping fees.

Amazon shipping lockers

With some restrictions, Amazon will ship to an Amazon locker1) or Hub (a business that will receive them for you).

Leros has built a locker map to help find lockers and counters.

Google searches may also be used to find Amazon lockers. See sticky-bit's post google maps is a better interface for the nomad reddit post.

ship to store

Many chain retail stores offer "free ship to store" (transfer, actually) to a branch near you. It may be also be called order pickup, in-store pickup, free pickup, etc. Payment is done on the website and the customer shows ID (Drivers License, credit card used in the order) to pick up the bundle when they arrive.


  • Bass Pro2)
  • Home Depot3)
  • Sears4)
  • Staples5)
  • Target6)
  • Tractor Supply7)
  • True Value hardware8)
  • Walgreen's9)
  • Walmart10)

USPS General Delivery

If the local Post Office agrees (ask the postmaster first), you may be able to send your package there as General Delivery. USPS offers GD as a service to transients.11).

Once received, the package will not be held longer than 30 days12), and 14 days is a common limit.

The mailing address will be something like:

Joe Walkabout
General Delivery
Sometown, ID 12345-9999

with the -9999 suffix indicating General Delivery.13) Be sure to ask if the postmaster has any special address or other instructions.


  • Call or look online first to see if the PO in question accepts General Delivery. Some places with multiple POs only accept Gen. Delivery at one location.
  • Postal clerks in urban areas might be unaware of how to put GD addresses into their system. In that case, this post suggests: “Just tell them to skip the street number on the computer by pressing the enter button. Then typing G and the general delivery address should show up on the screen provided that the zip code is correct. It's not something clerks would know because we're trained to put the street number on mail”
  • UPS/FedEx/etc might deliver to the USPS if the post office's street address is included. This is highly variable and depends on local relationships between the entities.
  • tracking may not be complete – general delivery shipments may show “out for delivery” in the post office's city as the last step until acually picked up.
  • pick up your package in a timely manner. The PO may have limited space, and some will return packages to the sender before the required holding period expires.14)

local mail services

Local services like UPS stores may accept packages for a fee.15)

hold for pickup

UPS and FedEx hubs may be able to hold packages for you to pick up (bring ID).

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