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Van- and RV-dwellers have some advantages regarding employment:

  • you can go where the work is
  • you can live on less income and can therefore work a wider variety of jobs
  • you can work for things other than money: parking, board, etc

regular jobs

It is common for 'dwellers to work regular jobs like anyone else. Their commutes are just shorter. :-)

One topic of debate is whether to tell employers or co-workers that you live in a van. Reactions can vary from curiosity to hostility to jealousy at your freedom. The reactions of co-workers have more to do with their own relation to work than to your living situation.

digital nomad

Digital nomads are folks who “work from home”. These gigs tend to be technical (programming, graphic design, web work, database administration) although some like photography, writing, transcription, or telephone support might not be.

Stable internet connections tend to be critical for digital nomads.



seasonal work

ad revenue

  • big youtube content producers can survive on that monetization
  • blogging sites like wordpress share ad for premium customers

affilliate income streams

While affilliate programs aren't going to generate a lot of cash, even a little bit helps. Sites like amazon, wordpress, etc, pay for referrals and it doesn't cost the consumer anything extra. You just get “a little taste” as they say in mob movies.

tax issues

These states have no income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.1) Note that the state you are in and the state where the company is located may both have tax claims.

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