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vandweller laws and corollaries

  • Those who tell you “want you want” don't know what you want and don't care what you want.
  • If your “deep cycle” battery doesn't have a published DoD vs. duty cycles data then it's not deep cycle.
  • If your “deep cycle” battery says “marine” on it then it's not deep cycle.
  • If your “deep cycle” has a CCA rating on it then it's probably not deep cycle.
  • Charging by solar alone is $$$ and difficult. Charging by solar and some other source is inexpensive and easy.
  • Framed poly panels are a good default choice. Flex panels are expensive and rarely justified.
  • for cheapest power, 2x 6v flooded > 2x 6v AGM > 12v AGM. Lithium has about the same cost in the long run as flooded lead acid.
  • AGM benefits from forceful charging.
  • Lithium suffers from forceful charging
  • Most vandwellers have lead battery capacity in excess of their ability to charge it. This kills batteries.
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