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Weekender plus

[based on this lemmy thread]

a vanlife spectrum

  • dreaming ← most people are here
  • weekending / recreational camping
  • weekending in a rig that is capable of longer outings. ← what this article is about
  • traveling for months - practically indistinguisable from fulltiming since it presents many of the same challenges: power, water, food, etc. The only things missing are exposure to both summer and winter, and the sobering realization that this is home and there is no other home to return to.
  • fulltiming

increasing your options

Building a rig for weekend camping is fun. Building a rig for weekend camping that can do more is fun and can be highly valuable. Consider the following scenarios:

  • road trip - a more capable rig can save you money on hotel and campground fees
  • power or water outage - a more capable rig can save you stress by having backup resources
  • losing a lease or a house - a more capable rig can save you stress by ensuring you won't be sleeping on the streets
  • natural disasters like wildfire or hurricane - a more capable rig can save your life by allowing you to leave earlier and stay away longer


The rig needs to be prepared before the emergency. The water container doesn't necessarily have to be filled and carried around 24/7, but it does have to be available.

The vehicle needs to be in serviceable condition with sufficient fuel in the tank.


Reminder: practice with all gear beforehand and rotate perishable stocks.

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