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Class C RVs


Class C RVs are the most common motorhomes. They depreciate quickly and can be bought for relatively little on the used market.

The traditional defining features of a Class C are cutaway van cabin mated to a straight-sided body, and overcab sleeping platform.

  • PRO
    • lowest cost motorhome
    • can be cheap on the used market
    • lots of room and amenities for the money
    • fiberglass-roofed models are more leak resistant and require less maintenance
  • CON
    • uneven build quality
    • front-facing windows on cabover are infamous for leaking
    • rubber roofs can leak and require resealing
    • very low MPG, often below 10
    • longer motorhomes have substantial rear overhang which limits departure angle. Easy to “drag” even in urban environments.


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