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Navy showers are short, methodical showers intended to use minimal water. 1-2 gallons of water per shower are possible.

The general process is:

  1. wet the surface to be washed
  2. lather/scrub as needed
  3. rinse

Practice this procedure in your home shower before hitting the road.

camp showers

These typically rely on the Navy shower method due to the absence of cheap power and water off-grid.

  • $thousands in panel and/or battery - heating water with electricity you make off-grid. Heating elements are typically over 1000w. Of course, if the 110vac is shore power (extension cord to a socket somewhere) then you have won the vandweller lottery and copious power is no problem.
  • $15 - use a solar shower bag to heat the water for free then hang it inside for the shower. This does require a bit of planning to set the bag out ahead of time.

full showers

truck stops

Truck stops have shower available for purchase. These amenities are designed for truck drivers but are available for anyone. Couples can generally shower together for the same price.

Pilot/Flying J have rewards programs where every 14g of fuel accrues credit toward a shower.1) Love's has a similar program but it requires 50g diesel fill-ups, so it will not apply to many 'dwellers.2)


Some folks check into a hotel for a night every once in a while to take a long hot shower, sleep in a “real” bed, use the microwave, etc.


Planet Fitness is a popular option for getting showers while in civilization. Note: during Covid-19 call ahead to make sure the showers are open.

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