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Internet for nomads

The internet is a lifeline for 'dwellers but it not always available in the ways it is for sedentary folk. There are two major challenges:

  1. intermittency - the nomad will sometimes be completely out of range of internet access. i.e. no wifi or mobile data available.
  2. limited bandwidth - there is internet access but it is dodgy or very congested, as in an RV park or when shooting long distances to an open wifi access.
  3. security - know what is safe and what is not


extending your reach

commercial extenders

DIY extenders

better wifi adapters

mobile data

Mobile (or “cell” data) is the internet access provided by mobile telecomm networks.

Some Verizon hotspots and phones have been flashed to allow grandfathered Unlimited 3G data.1),2)

controlling mobile data usage

You can minimize or even eliminate mobile data usage on your phone.

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