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Adding voltage-sensing to an ignition-triggered device

Solenoids and some DC-DC chargers use a circuit powered when the ignition is on (IGN) to start their operation. Voltage-Sensing Relays (VSR) do this by reading voltage to know when alternator charging1) is occurring.

Voltage-sensing can be added to devices that lack it by adding a low voltage disconnect2), or a relay-delay to the trigger wire.3) The device on the right is a relay-delay:

it operates by sensing the voltage on the main 12 volt system. When this voltage goes above 13.3 volts for approximately 12 seconds… it will close the isolator relay providing charging current to the auxiliary battery.4)

There are many kinds of 12v LVD, from simple boards to premium examples from Victron and Blue Sea.

Note that these can sense voltage on any circuit, not just the IGN circuit.

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