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How much does it cost?

There are many answers to this question, and the only real answer is what it costs YOU to live a nomadic life.

The general pattern is you can do things a cheap way, an average way, or an expensive way depending on your lifestyle.

cheap average expensive
vehicle what you own what you buy what you finance
build minimal build DIY build factory build
food scratch cooking cooking with some eating out eating out
campsites boondocking public campgrounds private campgrounds
fuel staying put moving occasionally always on the go

Less than $1000/month

In this category you can find members of the Cheap RV Living forum, Social Security beneficiaries, disabled veterans, private pensioners, and minimalists. Boondocking or stealth camping is the norm. A campground with hookups is a rare indulgence. Often found in the company of a dog, sometimes found in loose groups of fellow boondockers.

$1000 to $1500/month

Modern working-age nomads usually get by in this range. They will sometimes boondock, sometimes park in Walmart lots, and sometimes stay in reasonable parks with hookups.

more than $1500/month

It is possible to spend way more than $1500/month but in general this category is inhabited by the comfortably retired. They can afford to drive luxurious RVs and put down anchor in nice campgrounds (or even resorts!) with full hookups.

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