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Words of Wisdom: “It's so weird, isn't it? We buy the bills of goods society tells us, we work hard, we save, pay our taxes, be good solid citizens; but as we age we look around ourselves and wonder why we did it, to what end. ” - Queen1)

Why live in a van?

Or RV, or truck camper? Nomadic living is an intensely personal choice and the reasons for it are varied.


Living in a portable home allows the nomad to move that home to experience good things and to avoid bad things.

  • neighborhood mobility: don't like the neighborhood or a new neighbor? Turn the key and go elsewhere.
  • economic mobility: the 'dweller can easily relocate to areas of opportunity
  • asset mobility: a sticks and bricks home cannot be easily/quickly moved, or even sold or rented..
  • political mobility: It allows citizens to “vote with their feet”, spending their time and resources in places they feel most appropriate.
  • natural disaster mobility: Is the area flooding, on fire, or in the path of dangerous weather? The 'dweller can go elsewhere at a moment's notice during (or before!) emergencies.


'Dwelling, particularly the minimalist type, can cost very little. This can reduce the hours a person has to work in order to live.


Many people live in vehicles because they would be on the road traveling all the time anyhow. If you are going to be travelling 100% what purpose is served by a home?


Mobility also offers the opportunity to “bug out” or get away from society. Introverts and the introspective can be soothed by quiet solitude.


For some, 'dwelling is a hedge against homelessness. Sleeping in a vehicle is safer than being exposed out on the streets and offers protection from rain and wind.

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