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A Eurovan is a van that was designed for a European or world market rather than for the U.S. market.

Examples include:

Eurovans can often be ordered with an OEM high roof for standing room. Small turbodiesel engines are sometimes available for a premium.

The Eurovans' appearance can be polarizing, some in the U.S. market regarding them as weird or ugly looking. High roof models can appear top-heavy.

battery placement

The Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster have the starter battery under the seat or floorboard rather than under the hood. This can make dual-battery (alternator charging) wiring short and simple.

van comparisons

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how people chose their eurovan

These are not lists of pros/cons. They are stated reasons (correct or otherwise) people gave for purchasing one platform over the others.

    • American made
    • nationwide serviceability
    • best selling eurovan in the US
    • looks (over Promaster and NV)
    • gas engine option (over Sprinter)
    • ride
    • Factory AWD available
    • cost and durability (over Sprinter)
    • MPG (over NV and gas Transits)
    • cargo area (over NV)
    • square cargo walls (over Sprinter)
    • Hatred of FIAT (over Promaster)
    • Ecoboost engine is a torque monster
    • availability of conversion accessories
    • interior height (over Transit mid-roof)
    • looks (over Transit)
    • interior width
    • interior wall squareness
    • longer wheelbase (over Transit)
    • off-the shelf gas Pentastar and transmission.
    • low step-in height
    • turning radius
    • shorter rear overhang (over Transit)
    • forward visibility
    • front wheel drive
    • automated manual on diesel version
    • factory AWD available
    • fit and finish
    • Offers the largest possible interior space (with a 170“ wheelbase and extended body)
    • T1N models can be purchased cheap
    • Pre-2010 models were extremely reliable
    • Pre-2008 diesels were known as half-million-mile engines
    • options for diesel powered heaters
    • lowest purchase price
    • available V8
    • seats and cockpit
    • interior width (over Transit)
    • built on truck platform
    • heavier duty
    • reliability
    • towing ability
    • normal hood length easier for DIY repairs and maintenance

high roof inspection

Bring a ladder or use a vantage point to inspect the top of any high roof vehicle before purchase. It may help you find undisclosed damage.

further reading

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