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assets.mbvans.com_c_scale_w_960_mercedes-benz-vans_sprinter_cargo-van_gallery_mb-sprinter-gallery-cargo-van-06.jpg The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been sold under many nameplates: Dodge, MB, Freightliner, etc. It was the first of the modern eurovans sold in the US. Perhaps because of the head start it is the dominant high-roof camper conversion platform in the U.S., both DIY and commercial Class B.

The Sprinter is famed for huge cargo volume and for the fuel efficiency of the diesel engines which can get 20+ MPG.1) They are also the largest vans available, with the Extended Body option on the 170“ wheelbase extending to a full 24 feet long.

The “super high roof” and (discontinued?) “mega roof” appear to have fiberglass roofs, though panels are reported to mount to them without issue.2)



See this discussion on which Sprinters have “smart” alternators (E33 in Sprinter-speak). Single-voltage alternators appear to run ~14.1v.3)

Alternators may include:4)

  • 180A (T1N?)
  • 200A (4cyl OM651)
  • 220A (6cyl OM642)5) – see output curve on the right
  • 250A (code M60) optional

By 2016-2017 regulation was being managed by the ECU:

The alternator regulator is equipped with a LIN (Local Interface Network) interface. The characteristics of the LIN alternators are fixed in the engine control unit6)

solar mounting

T1N flat roof area measurements are approximately 52” x 168“ – DesertAdventures

2007+ Sprinters have roof holes punched (sealed from the factory) for mounting racks or rails. video | article with pictures

known issues

Issues moved to the van issues page with other van types.


The walls are curved in prominently near the top. This can limit space and make building the walls difficult.

further reading

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